Legal Notice – 2023 Preliminary Budget

Legal Notice – 2023 Preliminary Budget


            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the preliminary budget of the Town of Warwick for fiscal year beginning January 1, 2023, will be completed and be on file on November 3, 2022, in the following locations where it will be available for inspection by any interested person at all reasonable hours:

  1. Office of the Town Clerk, 132 Kings Highway, Town of Warwick,
  2. Town of Warwick Website, (Preliminary Budget 2023)
  3. New York Florida Village Hall, 33 S. Main St., Village of Florida, New York
  4. Albert Wisner Public Library, One McFarland Dr., Village of Warwick, New York
  5. Greenwood Lake Public Library, Waterstone Road, Village of Greenwood Lake, New York
  6. Pine Island Post Office, 665 County Rt. 1, Pine Island, New York

FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town

of Warwick, will meet and review the preliminary budget and hold a public hearing thereon at the Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway, Warwick, New York, on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard in favor or against the preliminary budget as compiled or for or against any item or items therein contained.

            PURSUANT TO SECTION 112 of the Town Law the proposed salaries of the following elected officers are hereby specified as follows:

SUPERVISOR                                                            $70,000.00

            TOWN CLERK                                                          $63,000.00

            RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICER                  $3,910.00 

            COUNCILPERSONS (4)                                           $12,225.00 Each

            RECEIVER OF TAXES                                            $44,198.00

            JUSTICES (2)                                                             $29,500.00 Each


DATED:  11/03/22


                                                                                        BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD OF

                                                                        THE TOWN OF WARWICK

                                                                        Eileen Astorino, Town Clerk