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The Comprehensive Plan is a philosophical document that reflects how residents define the quality of life for their community. The zoning codes are the actual law that governs how these goals are achieved. The Planning, Zoning, and Building Departments are all interconnected in supporting the Comprehensive Plan and zoning codes. The Planning Department handles applications for subdivisions of land and building approvals under this zoning law.

The Planning Board is comprised of five members and one alternative member who are residents of the Town of Warwick. Planning Board Members are appointed by the Town Supervisor, subject to approval by the Town Board and serve as unpaid volunteer municipal officials. The members’ terms are staggered in an effort to limit the number of appointments in one calendar year.

The Planning Board meets the first and third Wednesday of each month with a workshop held the Monday of the week before each planning board meeting. Please see Planning Board Schedule 2010 and Planning Board Schedule 2011 for exact dates. The Planning Board schedules site inspections and special meetings on an as-needed basis with public announcements.

The Planning Board studies and votes on applications for site plan review, special use permits and subdivisions. This Board also participates in official map changes, zone changes, as well as the adoption and changes to the zoning ordinance, zoning map and master plan. To assist the Planning board in reviewing applications and making decisions, the Town has hired an Engineer, an Attorney, and a Planner. A public hearing on the application is normally held, giving the community an opportunity to comment on the proposed development. If the application is minor in nature, the public hearing may be waived.

Connie Sardo
Planning Board Secretary
Phone:  845.986.1127 Ext. 261

Planning Department is located in the Warwick Town Hall.
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM


All submittals must be hand delivered, delivered by regular mail, or delivered by overnight – no email submittals will be accepted.

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