Town Clerk’s Office

Eileen Astorino
Town Clerk and Registrar
Phone:  845.986.1124 Ext. 246

The Town Clerk handles a multitude of tasks that involve keeping an accurate record of various activities within the Town.  Responsibilities include handling all aspects of the Town’s election proceedings, recording Town meeting minutes, safe-keeping of all official Town certificates and records, and issuing permits and licenses. The Town Clerk’s Office accepts cash, check or money order only.

Melissa Stevens
Deputy Town Clerk
Phone: 845.986.1124 Ext. 244

Carolyn Purta
Deputy Town Clerk and Deputy Registrar
Phone: 845.986.1124 Ext. 245

Town Clerk’s Office is the first office on the right in the Warwick Town Hall.
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Fax: 845.987.1499

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Duties of Town Clerk’s Office

Registrar of Vital Statistics:  The Registrar is responsible for maintaining all births that occur within the Town and Village.  Birth and death records are not open to the public for inspection.  For genealogical purposes, death records become available after fifty (50) years after the date of issuance.  Birth records become available after seventy-five (75) years.

Filing Officer for the Town:  All Local Laws, Oaths of Office, resignations, affidavits of publication, annual budgets, fiscal reports, assessment rolls, bonds and other pertinent town documents are to be filed in the Town Clerk’s office.   The clerk also maintains the public signboard, advertises and receives bids for the purchase of Town materials.

Issuing Agent on behalf of State Agencies: The Town Clerk issues the following licenses/permits as an agent for New York State:  Marriage, Dog, Conservation, Games of Chance and Handicapped parking permits.

Issuing Agent for the Town of Warwick:  The Town Clerk is responsible for issuing the following licenses/permits:  Hawking and Peddling permits, Carters permits, Blasting permits, Games of Chance permits, Use of Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park permits, Wickham Lake Access permits, Town Park permits, Athletic Field permits, Special Events permits, Junk Dealer permits, Public Entertainment permits, Taxicab permits, and Cabaret Licenses. 

Records Management Officer: The Town Clerk is the custodian of all permanent Town records and provides for the storage, retrieval and disposition of records for all departments of the Town .  The records are retained as set forth by the New York State Archives Records Retention Schedule for municipalities. 

Records Access Officer:  The Town Clerk is responsible for all Freedom of Information requests (FOIL).  Requests must be received in writing. The fee for copies is $0.25 for a 9 x 14 inch page.  Copies of other records may be charged based upon the  actual cost of reproduction.  Freedom of Information does not apply to court records. 

Recording Secretary to the Town Board:  The Town Clerk attends all Town Board meetings and is responsible for recording the actions of the Town Board.  The minutes are the official record of the Town Board and are maintained permanently for legal and historical purposes. 

Election Coordinator:  The Town Clerk works in conjunction with the Board of Elections to oversee all special, primary and general elections in the Town. 

Cash Control Officer:  The Town Clerk is responsible for the collection and disbursement to the state, county and local fiscal officers of all fees collected. 

Other Services:  Notary Public is available in the Clerk’s office Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10-12pm. *This Does NOT pertain to Town Business*  We also sell Road maps and Cascade Park Trail maps and can reproduce large format maps/plans ($5.00 each page).