JOB POSTING: Detective

JOB POSTING: Detective

Position Duties: As a Detective with the Warwick Police Department, you have the responsibility to identify criminal activity and criminal offenders, conduct criminal investigations, work closely with investigators from other law enforcement agencies, locate witnesses, and prepare a criminal case capable of substantiating the appropriate charges in court. Some of the knowledge and abilities needed to be possessed are as follows:

  • Decisiveness- the ability to make decisions or render judgement
  • Judgment- the ability to reach logical conclusions on the basis of evidence at hand
  • Planning/Organization- effectiveness in planning and organizing your own activities and those of a group
  • Problem Analysis• effectiveness in seeking our pertinent data and in determining the source of the problem
  • Impact• the ability to create a good first impression; to command attention, show respect and confidence, and to achieve personal recognition
  • Other factors to be considered in the selection process will be initiative shown by an officer while assigned to the patrol function; the quality of preliminary investigations undertaken while the applicant has been a patrol officer and the applicant’s general motivation toward engaging in criminal investigation activities.

Selection Process

1. Any officer who wishes to be considered for this anticipated positionis to bring the following material with them to their assigned interview:

a.  Demonstration of investigative abilities

i.  Three (3) copies of a minimum of two (2) felony cases which they have either investigated or had significant participation in within the past two (2) years. Among the documents which should be submitted are:

1. All preliminary and follow up reports
2.  Written statements
3.  Informations or summonses
4.  Diagrams
5.  710.30 notices
6.  Permission and authority statements
7.  Any other pertinent records or related information

b. Preparation and development of written material

i. Three (3) copies of five (5) additional reports written by the officer which demonstrate the officer’s ability to prepare and develop written material.

2.  Additional interviews may be conducted with other law enforcement members to determine the officer’s ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position, i.e.: speaking with members of the District Attorney’s staff to determine the officer’s preparedness, testimony, and demeanor.

Officers interested in the position of Detective should submit to the Chief of Police, the Lieutenant and the Detective Sergeant a cover letter and resume, no later than 11 October 2020. Applicants will be notified when oral interviews will be scheduled.