Warwick Tree Commission

Warwick Tree Commission

The Warwick Tree Commission is an advisory board for the Town of Warwick that counsels on the planting and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery located in the Town on public property.

Thanks to the Warwick Rotary, the Warwick Valley Gardeners, and Bill Roe (the Town’s Park Superintendent, who is a forester) and the Town’s Parks Department, the Warwick Tree Commission has the resources to both beautify the Town, while advocating our concern for the environment.


The Warwick Tree Commission has established a program to pay tribute to those who have passed or celebrate a special person or event.

The Memorial Tree Program offers an opportunity to plant a tree – a living tribute – to those that you and your family would like to honor. To have a tree planted in memory or celebration, complete the Memorial Tree Program Application.

What does the Tree Commission do?

    • Along with other beautification efforts, the Warwick Tree Commission assesses areas throughout the Town of Warwick, including our Town parks, to plant trees.
    • The Tree Commission, working with the Warwick Valley Gardeners, holds an annual Arbor Day celebration, planting trees throughout the Town.  The Rotary has helped sponsor tree planting activities over the years. The Warwick Lions Club has also sponsored a tree planting for Arbor Day.
    • We sponsor an annual 5th Grade Poster Contest for Arbor Day (in conjunction with NYSDEC), and we hold an artists’ reception at Town Hall.  The posters are displayed there during the month of April.
    • The Tree Commission sponsors informational talks (courtesy of Matt Doiron, one of our members who is a certified master arborist) on tree planting, pests, and pruning.
    • We purchased hybrid oak trees from Cornell University, which are planted on Nieland Drive, that are part of a continuing research study of the suitability of these hybrids for urban forestry plantings.
    • We applied for, and received, a $21,000 grant to conduct a tree inventory and management plan for our parks and Town-owned cul-de-sacs.
    • The Tree Commission has also sponsored a pruning/planting training session for the Town’s Park Department that was taught by Davey Resource Group staff.

Did you know that on average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four … scrubbing CO2 as well!