Town Recycling Center is permanently closed.

Residents of Warwick, both Town and Village, are entitled to curbside pick-up. If you are a residential property owner and do not currently receive curbside pick-up, please call 986-1120, ext. 241, and we will arrange for that service.

Recycling Guidelines

Weekly curbside pick-up is a single stream system. Each home is supplied with one recycling container. All recyclable material should be placed together in the single stream recycling container.

In addition to local recycling, items can also be brought to the Orange County Transfer Station. Visit the Orange County website to see the items that are accepted FREE OF CHARGE and materials (such as tires and propane tanks) that are CHARGEABLE.

No one is exempt from recycling; the County will enforce $1,000 fines for violations. The materials listed here are mandatory recyclable items by order of Orange County Government.

  • aluminum cans
  • aluminum foil
  • glass bottles (clear, brown, green)
  • juice boxes
  • milk cartons
  • plastic containers (#1-7)
  • tin & bi-metallic containers
  • white refrigerated/ frozen food containers
  • chipboard/boxboard
  • computer/photocopy/fax copy/office paper
  • craft paper/brown grocery bags
  • junk mail, magazines & catalogs
  • notebook & construction paper
  • hard-covered books (covers removed)
  • soft-covered books/paperbacks
  • telephone books
  • newspaper
  • corrugated cardboard

Household Hazardous Waste

Orange County regulates the disposal of household hazardous waste. Residents must dispose of household hazardous waste during scheduled drop-off events.

The current event schedule and locations are posted on the Orange County website.

For further information, call 845.291.2664 or e-mail

Curbside Collection of Recyclables

Local Schedule:
Residential pickups made curbside weekly; County Waste picks up every day with the exception of the following holidays – Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Call the Town Supervisor at 845-986-1124 Ext 241 to check your day if necessary

If you have any questions please call County Waste at 845.355.4500

Report Missed Pick-up:

Call 845.986.1120 Ext 241