Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Town of Warwick requests a bid proposal to re-bid for the equipment, supplies, and installation of a SCADA control panel with a cellular remote terminal unit (RTU) to provide local/remote monitoring, alarming, and trending. The NEMA 4X control panel shall connect to four existing turbidity meters, an existing chlorine analyzer, an existing pH probe (caustic soda), and a high-level alarm controller. Manufacturers of the cellular RTU equipment shall be Mission My Dro SCADA unit with Cellular GSM Card.

The SCADA control panel will provide local indication and trending of the field devices and provide the ability to modify the alarm set points.  The RTU will automatically contact the system operator (by phone or email) when the set limits for each sensor are surpassed. The local display and a web portal will always provide the current sensor values at the site. The contactor shall coordinate with the system operator, H20 Innovations, to ensure communications are successful. The configuration of the RTU, including contact numbers, shall be confirmed with H20 Innovations.

System startup, O&M manuals and training will be included. Provide one year of monitoring and trending.

Sealed bid proposals are due Tuesday, December 26, 2023 at 2pm.  Bid proposals received will be opened at 2pm in the Warwick Town Clerk’s Office, 132 Kings Highway, Warwick NY 10990.   Any questions should be directed to Matt McPherson (H20 Innovations) at (845) 978 – 3435.