Town of Warwick Solar Initiative

The Town of Warwick is committed to become a SolSmart-designated community. In partnership with the SolSmart team, the Town of Warwick's dedicated staff members will work to improve our solar market conditions, making if faster, easier, and more affordable for our residents and businesses to install solar energy systems. The efforts will also increase the of local processes related to solar development, which may save our local goverment time and money.

Read Supervisor Sweeton's letter to the International City/County Management Association and The Solar Foundation.

Find Your Solar Potential

The NYS Solar Guidebook for Governments


There are three levels of SolSmart designation for communities – below are the requirements for each:


  • Provide a Solar Statement outlining your community’s solar goals, and commit to tracking key metrics such as number and capacity of installed Photovoltaic (PV) systems.
  • Fulfill required actions in both of the Foundational Categories:
    • Permitting
    • Planning, Zoning, and Development Regulations
  • Earn at least 20 points in each of the two Foundational Categories (above).
  • Earn a total of 20 points from actions across the six Special Focus Categories: Inspection; Construction Codes; Solar Rights; Utility Engagement; Community Engagement; and Market Development and Finance.

Note: Actions in any of the Special Focus Categories count toward the 20-point target.

Note: Early Adopter communities will receive 10 extra points applied toward a category of their choice.


  • Fulfill the requirements to become a SolSmart Bronze Community.
  • Complete the two Silver-required actions in the Planning, Zoning, and Development Regulations and Inspection categories.
  • Earn 100 points overall from actions taken in any combination of categories.
  • Fulfill the requirements to become a SolSmart Silver Community.
  • Complete the Gold-required action in Permitting.
  • Earn 200 points overall from actions taken in any combination of categories.
  • Communities that earn 60% of the points in a given category are eligible for special recognition.

Download Permit for Solar Installations

Energize NY - Financing Options for commercial or multi family residential solar


"One of the earliest roads through the Warwick valley was the King's Highway, which roughly followed the Waywayanda Path. It was completed in late 1734 and commanded a right-of-way of 220 yards."