Supervisor's Corner    

By Michael P. Sweeton

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Week of July 20, 2014

The Town’s parks system is getting full use so far this season. If you have visited Union Corners Park you will notice the new multi-use soccer/lacrosse field being built in the rear of the park. This field being constructed by our DPW will add a much needed space to the ever increasing youth sports activities in our Town. Since this most likely will be the last field built at Union Corners, due to space limitations, it should be noted that the excellent job is being done by Town employee, Wayne Barber, who actually helped build the very first field out at this park. Great work Wayne! We want to also thank the Watchtower community for their generous help which made this field possible. The field will be seeded in the fall and should be ready for play next spring.

The Town Board received a letter from the Florida Fire District board of fire commissioners informing us of their intent to discontinue ambulance service in the Florida fire district, effective January 1, 2015. The Town Board is committed to ensuring that residents of Florida and the town portion of the district continue to have ambulance service after January 1st. We are having discussions with both the fire commissioners and the Warwick Ambulance Corp, which is licensed to operate in the district, as well as members of the Florida Fire and Rescue to make sure there is a smooth transition and safety of the residents is maintained. We will keep you informed.

In an effort to expand our means of communication during emergency events the Town has launched a presence on Twitter. This will be used, similar to our website and Facebook Page, to get timely information to our residents during storms or major traffic disruptions. Road closings, storm warnings and emergency mobilization messages will be tweeted from the Warwick PD. To sign up follow @TownofWarwick on Twitter. This service will not be used for any routine messages or non-emergency events.  I want to thank Lt. John Rader, our Safety Officer, for establishing this service. Residents are also reminded to go to the Town webpage where you can also register your phone number in the Swiftreach phone alert system, as well as these other services.

The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be held on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Warwick Town Hall, 132 Kings Highway.