State Environment Quality Review (SEQR) Act

New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) requires all state and local government agencies to consider environmental impacts equally with social and economic factors during discretionary decision-making. This means these agencies must assess the environmental significance of all actions they have discretion to approve, fund or directly undertake. SEQR requires the agencies to balance the environmental impacts with social and economic factors when deciding to approve or undertake an "Action".

Learn more about SEQR on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

SEQR Environmental Documents

HOMARC Resolution Adopting Findings Statement

HOMARC Notice of Completion of FEIS & Resolution


HOMARC DEIS - Page 1-25

HOMARC DEIS - Page 26-50

HOMARC DEIS - Page 101-327

HOMARC Resolution Accepting DEIS as Complete 07.16.14

HOMARC Final Scoping Document - Amended 07.17.13

HOMARC Final Scoping Document

HOMARC Scope Notice

HOMARC Revised Draft Scoping Document

HOMARC Draft Scoping Document

HOMARC, LLC - SEQR Positive Declaration

Watchtower Final Findings Statement

Watchtower Resolution Adopting SEQR Findings Statement

Watchtower Final Environmental Impact Statement

Watchtower Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Proposed Community Business District Final Environmental Impact Statement

Proposed Community Business District Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Watchtower Final Scoping Document

Watchtower Notice and Draft Scoping Document

Mountain View Estates Final Scoping Document

Notice of Public Scoping Session for Mountain View Estates

Mountain View Estates Draft Scoping Document

The Fairgrounds Findings Statement

The Fairgrounds (Final)

The Fairgrounds Appendices

Route 94 Priority Growth Center (Draft)

Warwick Views Cluster Subdivision (Final)

Important Announcement

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has revised the SEQR short and full environmental assessment forms effective October 7, 2013.

Here some helpful DEC links that provide important information on using and reviewing these new forms:

SEQR Homepage

SEQR Frequently Asked Questions (regarding the forms)

SEQR Environmental Assessment Forms

Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) Workbooks